Making Friends with... Steve Portigal


As you know, each week the Tech for Good Live team release our weekly podcast. It is, imaginatively, called "TfGL Weekly". 

The format is really simple. The team sit around a table - usually joined by a guest - and talk about the latest news and drama in the tech for good scene, the tech sector more generally, and also the charity digital news of the week.

However, our guests are super interesting, and we've wanted to spend a bit more time getting to know more about them. What they do. And why they do it. We're also all profoundly lonely people, so any sort of conversation is good for us.

Enter, "Making Friends With..."

It's a new mini-series that will appear in our usual podcast feed (search for Tech for Good Live in your podcast app of choice). We're going to release them on an ad hoc basis, and the plan is to bring you some in-depth conversations with extremely interesting people who are at the very top of their field. This will include people in user research, graphic design, campaigning, government tech. The list goes on.

I'm really happy to say that the first episode is now available for you to listen to. We recently got chance to sit down and chat with Steve Portigal. Steve is an author and internationally respected user researcher. We talked about user research, and the somewhat blurry lines between the work of researcher and a designer. We talked about war stories from being out in the field. And about sunny California. 

Have a listen. If you like it, please share with your friends and why not drop us a review on iTunes.

Have you got a suggestion for who we should interview on Making Friends With? If so, tweet at us

Jonny Rae-Evans