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Championing the ethical use of technology

Technology gets a bad rap. This is because it's used to do a lot of really, really crappy stuff. However, at Tech for Good Live we believe it can be used to have a positive impact on the world.

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Our Mission

We believe that technology can have a positive impact upon the world. Tech can empower workers, transform healthcare, support disenfranchised people, and so much more. Too often though, it’s used to divide people. The unintended consequences of technology can cause real harm. We aim to champion the use of technology for good.

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September 2018

Given the worldwide ‘podscape’ of inane babble, received wisdom and white noise, this stands out:
Genuine voices, open-minded not ego-driven, often listenable throughout and occasionally downright compelling..

The Man With No Fame (iTunes Review)


By the numbers:




Each month we run an event in Manchester, UK. These events showcase the use of technology to have a positive impact on the world. A range of speakers cover topics like healthtech, VR, AI, Funding and much more.

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Blimey! We go on don’t we? From our Weekly Show to our special series, we’ve got enough irrevenent content to bore you until the end of time. Winner!

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Our team regularly speak at conferences and we’ve even run our podcast live from a few of them! Fancy! If you’d like us to work with you on your conference, we’d love to chat with you.

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