We do podcasts. Yep. Who doesn’t these days? We like to think though that ours are a little different. We produce a variety of shows - such as our weekly episodes bringing you the latest news in the world of tech for good. We also do a bunch of special series each year. These include interviews with huge names in the tech and social sector. We cover topics such as WorkerTech and the Gig Economy, the Circular Economy, and diversity in tech.


Tech for Good lIve Weekly

A bunch of best friends in the tech for good and pro-social sector gather around a table, drink a bit too much, and talk about what is new in the tech for good scene.

From rampant AI's and gamification to social fundraising and new ways of donating. Join us on a meandering ramble through the ever changing landscape of tech that makes the world a better place. 



Making Friends With is a new special series geared around indepth interviews with people doing exceptional work in the tech or social sectors. Throughout this series will be sitting down and chatting with experts in user research, campaigning, illustration and design, government tech and much more!


UX Copenhagen 2019

We’re back at UX Copenhagen - bringing you three great podcasts with a bunch of great speakers from the conference.

We talk data ethics, consent and privacy, and content strategy. It’s fun, exciting, informative, and we only talk about killing baby Hitler once. Score! Guests include: Saskia Videler, Sheryl Cababa, Darren Menachemson, Gry Hasselbalch and Nicole A. Cooke.



This podcast is a three part series about WorkerTech and how technology can help empower workers - especially those in low-skilled jobs and on low incomes. We explore how the nature of work has changed, we talk about how tech can help give workers a voice, and we wrestle with the Gig Economy. All that, and more! This series was made in conjunction with our good friends at Bethnal Green Ventures.



We'll be working with The Federation through the year to bring you a series of podcasts with speakers on Tech Ethics that they've sourced from around the world. Speakers will include Mary Mazzio, Aurelie Pols, Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Frank Pasquale and  Shannon Vallor. 


The Circular EconomY

This podcast is a three part series about the Circular Economy we worked on with our friends at Dsposal. It’s part of The Disruptive Innovation Festival 2018. Is The Circular Economy a model that can save us from planetary crisis or just a nice idea that will never work?


UX Copenhagen 2018

UX Copenhagen 2018 was a two day conference on ethical design and we were there, bringing you three podcasts looking across a range of topics. Accessibility, dark patterns and design ethics. We speak with David Dylan Thomas, Mike Monteiro, Molly Watt, Martin Isban and Eriol Fox.


Camp Digital 2018

Camp Digital is a one day annual conference in Manchester, UK. We were invited to take over their 'Fireside chat' breakout room for the day. We ran 3 fireside chats and a panel discussion on topics such as imposter syndrome, tech activism, social media and accessibility. Our guests included Dr Sue Black, Molly Watt, Ben Leonard, Gavin Elliot and Rachael Shah. 


International Women’s Day podcast 2018

It's International Women's Day so we’ve decided to do something different from our usual podcast. We decided to shut up.

This podcast is a chance for you to hear the stories of what it’s like to be a woman working in tech today. These are first hand stories. They are true. And we should all listen and reflect.

Some of our previous guests


Mike Monteiro

Owner of Mule Design


Mary Mazzio

Director of Netflix documentary “I Am Jane Doe”.


Sara Wachter-Bottcher

Content strategy and UX expert. Author of Technically Wrong


Steve Portigal

User Researcher and author of Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries


Dr Sue Black

Author of “Saving Bletchley Park” and government advisor.


Richard Wilson

Co-Founder of Stop Funding Hate