Tech For Good Live Vs The Climate Crisis

This Thursday will see Tech for Good Live take on a new challenge: The climate crisis. 

We’ve gone above and beyond this week to round up some of the best climate initiatives in Manchester to bring them all under one roof for our brilliant and budding Tech for Good Live network.

We want to bring these thought leaders to you, so that you can ask your burning questions (no pun intended), directly knowledge share and help each other build capacity in this growing area of tech climate crisis response.

The session will run a little differently than normal. Expect more speakers, more question and answer sessions but just as much fun. 

A total of 7 speakers will make up our lightning talk sessions, these speakers comprised from a range of exciting environmental initiatives. On the list for speakers is climate activist Steve Conner from Creative Concern, Pauline Johnston from the Levenshulme Bee Network, Claire Stocks co-founder of WalkRide Greater Manchester, Chris Paul co-founder of City Life and former glacier scientist. We also have Jonny Rae-Evans, head of design at Snook, Eve Holt co-founder and director of Happen Together CIC and Rachel, plastic waste activist from Plastic Shed. 

All of this will be followed by a creative brief from  Richard Wilson Co-founder of Stop Funding Hate where we will hear about his new campaign Stop Funding Heat. We want to encourage this space for ideas and knowledge sharing so make sure you bring your thinking caps to the table!

Visit here to sign up. We look forward to hearing your brilliant thoughts!

Sacha Wynne